About us

Insisting that its customers are always a top priority, Ho Shuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s R&D team provides the best educational furniture and peripherals, computer tables, and desks to meet all customer requirements.

Established in 1986, Ho Shuan has experienced recent sluggish local market performance, but eventually rebounded and came back better than ever. Despite difficulties, the firm never strayed from its goal to create lucrative business opportunities and share profits with its customers.

Currently, aside from ODM and OEM orders, Ho Shuan has designed folding tables, furniture for laboratory use, mobile cabinet trolleys to fit 3D printing machines and accessories, student desks, children's' furniture, RTA furniture with streamlined designs, and more.

Thanks to the support and advice of its clients, Ho Shuan expects to see sales growth each year, as much of the firm's growth is built on continual customer trust. With well-organized operations built on the efforts of hardworking staff, Ho Shuan aims to further expand and internationalize its business and market reach. The firm believes that through continuous effort in improving product quality and lowering production costs, they can create boundless ODM and OEM business opportunities together with its customers.